We travel to show – Anything is possible when a person believes in you!



We are the kangaroo family from Chemnitz: Mom Jana and Dad Hartmut with our three superheroes Johanna,Victoria and Patricia.
Through detours, fate has brought us together over the years and given us a task. Because our history has shown us: It only takes one person to give a life a second chance. When we realized that, we knew: Anyone can find this person somewhere. Or that person will find you. Our story should encourage, inspire and give strength. We invite you to learn more about us and our history. Accompanies our journey and everyday life as a (care) family. Let’s find new perspectives and approaches to support children from difficult backgrounds.


Every child is a superhero


Every child is different. Each child is special in his or her own way, has hidden or overt talents, different interests, different traits and preferences. But not every child experiences the opportunity to develop accordingly. We want to change that and empower every child to thrive by building resilience. A strong spirit liberates and that’s where we come in. We help children and their parents to take full advantage of their own opportunities.


Foster and adopted children often struggle with stigma and barriers that are hard to overcome. Decision makers in authorities, schools and other institutions often have neither the time & resources nor the view to recognize and promote the perspectives of children. They are stuck in a system with no way out. Special schools are often already the last seal of approval for ambitious life plans. We want to change the way you think and be your positive example that this can also be done differently.


Creating a better perspective depends not only on the child himself, but also on his environment. If the immediate social space in which a child grows up is already not intact, it becomes difficult for the child to develop its own strengths at all. That’s why we also start with the families and want to offer foster parents as much support as their children. Together, we are building a better future for everyone.


In 2021, 47,500 children were taken from their families by youth welfare offices in Germany. That’s almost 50,000 individual fates that hardly anyone sees. We want to change that and offer these children a new and better perspective. We would like to offer the children and their families a place of refuge, security and warmth. And preferably everywhere. To that end, we are embarking on a journey. On a journey full of new experiences, new inspiring contacts and new knowledge for our big goal. We invite you to join us on this journey.



That is our goal. We set out to shape the future of people who are otherwise rarely seen, colorfully and confidently.


Our yellow travel companion will be our home for some time. We will be on the road with a converted American school bus. In doing so, the Kangaroo Bus will not only be our home, but also a mobile center for foster and adoptive families. We will hold workshop & seminars on our mobile stage to share our knowledge.


You make the difference!

You can be the person by a child’s side who has a lasting positive impact on that child’s life journey. The help can be quite different. Be motivator:in, helping hand, supporter:in, foster parent, friend:in….


Our goal: A center for regeneration for foster and adoptive families. For this we need financial support.

Share project

You want to help our project reach even more people? Share our story on social media, tell your local media and associations about us, and tell your personal circle about our goals.

Expand network

Together we are stronger. We are always looking for people with the same mission to support each other. Do you have a great project or are you a member of an association for foster and adoptive families? Feel free to contact us.




We see the resilience of children and their parents as a crucial factor in improving children’s prospects. Everyone should be able to take their destiny into their own hands and we will help you to achieve this.


We want to share our story and tell other people how, through new ways and approaches, we managed to help our 3 superheroines regain their strength and offer them a fulfilling childhood full of experiences.

Our mobile stage is also available for other projects and associations.

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Ultimately, the big goal is that children’s rights must be enshrined in the Basic Law. In order to provide children and families with sustainable
help and thus break the perpetual cycle, a lot of money has to be made available. But unfortunately there is a
strong lobby that prevents real change in the interests of children.

We saw live with our children where this leads and made the decision of a lifetime for us. We have everything
dissolved and put into this project. We want to show what changes when you don’t save anything, but invest. With this
we go completely in advance from our own funds, but at the same time we are free in our decisions.

We would like to call for making the superheroes visible and showing their powers. In each individual
child contains a power that the world needs. Now more than ever! And since we can not be overlooked, we become more and more
convince more people and find supporters for our unique project.

My worries about not being able to convince the schools to make the trip turned out to be unfounded. The principal and the principal of the schools were enthusiastic about our project from the very first conversation. The key for us is to be so on fire from our travel project ourselves and to be able to infect others with it.

The children continue to be supervised by the schools throughout this time – via learning platforms, video telephony and learning materials provided. In addition, we will involve the schools in our journey. About reports from the respective countries, from the projects, live broadcasts to the classroom, etc. The statement of both principals was that the children will acquire knowledge on this trip that is incredibly valuable and personality-building.

We have a special situation with regard to guardianship. I took over individual guardianship for Victoria before 2020. The mother has signed over custody of Patricia to me. Johanna is my adopted daughter. This creates a situation in which we can act quite freely. Of course, the foster child service and the general social service still accompany us. The staff supports our plan and sees it as very beneficial for the children and for us as a family system.

We have been planning this trip for over 2 years. From the very beginning, we involved the children. Patricia then grew into our family with her addition. For the twins, the trip is a great adventure and they are constantly thinking about what to take with them and how to decorate their cabins. Of course, in between there is also sadness that they then do not see their various heart’s desires every day. For the big one, it was a long process for various reasons and that’s where it really took the time. During this time, there were and are many kitchen table conversations. On the one hand, she is looking forward to the trip and recognizes the possibilities it holds for her; on the other hand, she also has fears and worries.