This converted American school bus is our mobile home


All-wheel drive + air suspension

The all-wheel drive in combination with the air suspension ensures a comfortable yet powerful ride on any surface.

Almost 4m height

4m high, so it can fit through any bridge and tunnel

100% self-sufficient

A completely self-sufficient bus

XX Watt photovoltaic system

XX meters awnings on both sides


  • JUNI 2021

    Mit etwas Hilfe, Unterstützung und auch Glück
    fanden wir „unseren“ Bus in den USA. Er war
    relativ neu, mit gerade mal 50.000 Meilen auf
    dem Tacho, also gerade mal eingefahren. Auf
    dem Weg zum Hafen auf‘s Schiff, gab es noch
    einen Zwischenstopp von 2 Wochen in einer
    Werkstatt für den ersten Umbau noch vor Ort.
    Umrüstung auf Allrad, komplett neue Achsen
    inkl. Luftfederung.

  • januar 2022

    Beginn Innenausbau

  • AUGUST 2022

    Beginn Möblierung

  • JUNI 2021

    Ausbau Bad

  • FEBRUAR 2023



All wheel

The bus was still in the USA on all-wheel incl. Air suspension converted. As a result, the entire bus is 40cm higher than originally. In addition, we have a winch mounted in case we get stuck.

Hydraulic supports

With 4 hydraulic supports we can level the kangaroo bus in any terrain. Just press a button and the bus levels itself fully automatically.

Storage boxes

Thanks to the elevation, we were able to install storage boxes around our bus. In it, among other things, our water heater and other equipment for our trip is accommodated.

Energy Management

Thanks to 20 solar panels with a total power of 3000 watts and a battery storage of 10kW we can travel 100% self-sufficient.


Electric awnings are installed on both sides along the entire length of the bus. So we have protection from the sun in the summer.

Living space

Inside we have everything we need. Directly behind the driver’s seat is our living room. Then follows kitchen with stove, oven and two refrigerators.

4 children’s bedrooms are built as a kind of cabins and at the end follows the bathroom incl. Underfloor heating, shower and washing machine.