Many thanks to our encouragers

Mayor Sven Schulze

Mayor Sven Schulze

“Thank you, for your persistence. You certainly have to be, as a foster parent.” This is what Chemnitz Mayor Sven Schulze said to us yesterday at the farewell.
­čŽśHardy foster parents actually have to be for their children. To demand unsupport for their prot├ęg├ęs, to break down prejudices, to fight against resistance and lack of understanding.

­čŽśWe were able to win an encourager for these children and our project in a conversation with our Lord Mayor.

­čŽśBecause we were able to speak to our heartfelt theme of supporting, nurturing, valuing and making children from challenging circumstances feel welcome.
We presented our school bus project “World Tour to the Bundestag – Children’s Rights Belong in the Basic Law” and met with great interest.
We are happy that with our mayor we could find someone who understands that all our children are valuable and important and that we must not lose any of them.

Jingsi Lichtenberg

Jana and Hartmut immediately grabbed me with their relevant topic and energy.
Helping them to get their message out into the world with the right choice of words and to win over as many people as possible for the children’s cause was a real joy and honor for me.
We need more people to stand up for the right things and use their voice. More encouragers.
Thanks to you, for your tireless dedication and iron will to make a difference. You can do it! And I am grateful to have accompanied your journey a bit.
Your Jingsi

Vanessa Ronecker

Jana & Hartmut have a clear vision. They want to make the world a better place for children. Especially for the children who already face great challenges at an early age. When I saw them speak during the Greator Festival in Cologne, they really impressed me with their mission to give these children a voice. I am already looking forward to following their journey with the wonderful school bus. And so witnessing them achieve their goal of improved legislation for children. I wish you much success. You have my vote.

Daniel Arthur Fischer

“I was able to meet and accompany Jana and Hartmut as they prepared for one of their stage performances. I was immediately taken with their “mission”: the bus trip, which looks like a great family adventure, is above all a signal to our hearts, an appeal to our minds and a call for change!”

Thank you!

Since the first expression of our idea, people have accompanied us on our way. Be it through emotional support, technical advice, sports promotion and much more. We would like to say THANK YOU to all these people on this page. You are the wind beneath our wheels!